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The Gristmill's Specialty Cakes

Tiramisu cake

Our Specialty Cakes represent a wide variety of cakes with various cake flavors, cream and fruit fillings and icing combinations. They are 8 inch cakes and easily serve between 8 and 10 people. That said, these cakes are quite rich and serving size can be reduce to feed a few more. We usually have a variety of specialty cakes on-hand in our cake show case as well as our freezer. Ask if you don't see what you are looking for. Of course, to get what you want, it is always best to place an order.

Like all Gristmill cakes, Specialty Cakes can be custom ordered to meet your needs. We can make most in any of the sizes that we make our other cakes, but some restrictions apply. To order a Specialty Cake to your exact specifications, please give us 7 days notice. Our kitchen schedule is set a week in advance.

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We usually have specialty cakes in our cake showcase, but as always it is best to order ahead to get exactly what you want. Give us a call at 530-268-0576. Remember, we need plenty notice for special orders.

Boston Cream CakeBoston Cream Cake

...moist white cake filled with Bavarian crème, iced in whipped cream and covered with ganache. Bostons are also available in the Chocolate Lover's variety featuring chocolate cake, chocolate Bavarian crème, chocolate whipped cream frosting and of course, the rich ganache chocolate as well. Yep, you guessed it. Both varieties of Bostons are over the top.

Burnt Almond CakeBurnt Almond Cake

...our moist white cake is brushed with amaretto syrup, and then filled with sweet-toasted almonds and Bavarian crème. This luscious cake is then covered in a non-dairy whipped topping and enrobbed with more sweet-toasted almonds.

Pink Champagne CakeChampagne Cake

...our white cake recipe made with real champagne with just a blush of pink is filled twice with our smooth light custard filling and iced in light whipped topping. The alcohol bakes off in the oven, but the champagne flavour stays behind to give this cake a celebratory bubbly tang.

German chocolate cakeGerman Chocolate Cake

...our rich devil's food cake is split, filled, and topped with traditional german chocolate, and iced beautifully with our chocolate buttercream.

Red Velvet cakeRed Velvet Cake

...kissed with chocolate cake, this torted cake is given a smooth velvety texture and unique flavour from the addition of buttermilk. Filled and covered with a light cream cheese icing, this cake tastes fabulous and really is red in color.

Spider cakeSpider Cake

...spooky sweetness... rich devil's food cake baked upside down on caramelized pecan halves and covered in rich Belgian ganache. Decoration with a subtle web pattern gives this striking and delicious cake its name. The little spider is optional.

Tiramisu CakeTiramisu Cake

...our rendition of the classic Tiramisu is a torted white cake soaked in kahlua and espresso, sprinkled with chocolate, and then filled with a smooth mixture of whipped cream, marscapone cheese and Bavarian crème. This is iced with sweet whipped cream, encircled with lady fingers and garnished with shaved chocolate and chocolate-covered espresso beans.

An elegantly decorated plain cheesecak.Cheesecakes

Now if that wasn't already enough choice in cake, we have a cheese cake line that will delight your taste buds beyond your wildest culinary dreams. Cheese cake lovers beware, these babies can be addictive!

Our cheese cake is simple delcious all on its own, but we can refine it with a variety of toppings or baked-in options. For example: