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Gristmill Gift Cards

Gristmill gift cards available at the Gristmill.Gristmill gift cards are available for purchase in our store which is located in the Lake Center Plaza next to the Holiday Market at 10934 Combie Road, Auburn, California. A gift card is a great way to give Gristmill goodness to your friends and family.

So, you have or are interested in getting a Gristmill gift card? Here is a quick FAQ about our cards. The full FAQ is available at the card supplier's (Heartland Payment Services) website at:

Where can I use my card?

Cards can be used at the Gristmill located in the Lake Centre Plaza at 10934 Combie Road.

How do I use my Gristmill Gift Card?

Your card is redeemable at the Gristmill. You can purchase items/services up to the monetary balance on the card. You can reload your card by visiting us at our store's location.

Can I register my card?

Yes. You can register your card at Heartland Payment Services.

Can anyone use my card?

Cards are intended for a single recipient, either as a gift or for your own use. The card can be used by anyone in possession of the card.

Can cards be used for online purchases?

No, not a Gristmill card. The Gristmill does not accept payments online. You can use your card at the Gristmill location where the card was purchased.

Can I add more value to my card?

Yes. Visit the Gristmill to add dollars to your card.

How do I check the remaining balance on my card?

Check your card balance by doing one of the following:

For more information and the full FAQ on your gift card please visit the Heartland Payment Services website.