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Gristmill Cakes

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3-D Treasure Chest birthday cake

When it comes to cakes, one cannot say, "a cake is a cake is a cake". We have been baking and decorating delicious beautiful cakes since our doors opened in January 1992. Our cakes are tall, moist and decorated to perfection. We have a number of cream and fruit fillings to choose from. Our homemade butter cream frosting is light and creamy. It provides just enough body and stiffness to allow for perfection in decorating without that "too sweet taste". We also feature a thick rich and equally delicious home-made cream cheese icing, fresh whipped cream, a light non-dairy whipped topping and an exquisitely rich chocolate ganache. The choice of topping may restrict the kind of decorating that can be done. We make our own rolled fondant and marzipan which have become increasing popular. Rolled fondant is no longer just for wedding cakes.

For more cake photos check out our cake galleries and visit us on Facebook.

Bring in a picture!

Planning a theme party? Need the company logo on a cake? Want the cake to match the invitation or any other picture? We encourage our customers to bring in a picture when they order a cake. We'll match the colors and images as best we can. Many of the cakes featured here have been inspired by a picture that a customer has brought in.

Order a Cake just the way you like it

Cake lovers can combine different cakes, fillings and icings to create a scrumptious cake for even the pickiest cake connoisseur. To order a special cake, give us at least 7 days advance notice, as our kitchen schedule is set a week ahead. It's never too early to order, but it can be too late!

Last Minute Cake

We always recommend that you order your special cake, but do not despair if you forgot to order and need a last minute cake. We have a "standard" selection of cakes, cheese cakes and specialty cakes that serve between 8 and 16 people available everyday in our cake showcase or in our freezer (Yes, it's safe to freeze a cake). We can write on these cakes to personalize it for any occasion.

Cake Flavors

The Gristmill makes all its cakes. For our regular cake flavors see the list below. To drool over the other variety of cakes and cheesecakes we make, please visit our specialty cakes page.

We can customize if given enough notice. Custom flavors and non-standard sizes need more time. Our cakes are delicious on their own, but you can also order a variety of fruit and cream fillings. Prices on fillings and toppings vary.

Basic Cake Prices

Cake, icing and filling prices are subject to change without notice. Please give us a call for an accurate quote.

Cake Size Serves White/ Devil's Food Champagne Carrot Regular Filling Fresh Fruit Ganache/ Whipped Cream/ Fudge Fondant/ Marzipan
8" single 8 - 10 $21.95 $23.95 $30.95 $3.00 $6.00 $6.00 $15.00
8" double 16 $36.95 $38.95 $45.95 $3.00 $6.00 $12.00 $20.00
¼ sheet 24 $52.95 $56.95 $62.95 $6.00 $12.00 $20.00 $25.00
½ sheet 48 $96.95 $104.95 $124.95 $12.00 $24.00 $25.00 $40.00
  • Carrot Cake comes iced with our rich home-made cream cheese icing by default.
  • Champagne Cake comes with a non-dairy whipped topping by default.
  • Standard decorations are available at no extra charge.
  • Specialty cakes listed here $30.95

Custom Cakes & Decorations

  • Princess cake $54.94
  • Carved cake $54.95 (8" double)
  • Unicorn cake = cake + $25.00
  • Donut cake = donuts + $20.00
  • Edible image $10.00 minimum
  • Handmade characters = cake + $30.00
  • Remember, we need 7 days advanced notice for custom cake decorating requests.

Extreme Cakes

  • Extreme cakes are in their own price category (more in line with wedding cakes prices).
  • Please call to discuss pricing and timeline.


  • White or chocolate cupcakes $2.95 each
  • Filled cupcakes $3.45 each
  • Add $0.50 minimum to each cupcake for special decorations
  • Plain white or chocolate cupcakes must be ordered 2 business days before pck-up. All other flavors and considerations may need 7 days advanced notice.

More cakes are in the cake galleries and our most recent cakes are on Facebook.

Fondant Flare

Electric Guitar Cake Tiki totem cake Mardi Gras Masquerade Cake 3-D Lego Cake 3-D Lego Cake 3-D Lego Cake Hat and Whip Cake, a custom Gristmill cake Flip Flops Cake Blue Baby Rump Cake Animal Cake - a three dimensioanl cake rendition of the (in)famous muppet Volcano Birthday Cake. Lightening McQueen 3-D Birthday Cake.

Whimsical Cakes

Whimsical roller coaster cake. Whimsical fondant cake in stars and stripes. Whimsical graduation cake in gold and black rolled fondant.

Cake Kits

Golden Compass Cake Tinkerbell Cake Pocahontas Cake Spiderman and the Evil Four Cake

Super Cakes

Batman! Whip it Catwoman! Spiderman cake Spiderman cake

Sporty Cakes

3-D baseball cake 3-D Football cake 3-D Soccer ball cake Super Bowl cake

Give us a call at 530-268-0576 to order your next cake today! We ask that you give us at least 7 days notice.

More cakes are in the cake galleries and our most recent cakes are on Facebook.