Family owned and operated

Moved to Highway 49 at

10042 Wolf Road, Ste E, Grass Valley, CA 95949

ph: 530-268-0576 | fx: 530-268-1786


Meet the Family

Mikki, the baker

Mikki freezing on Signal Hill, Newfoundland

Mikki is the master mind and master baker behind this operation, not to mention our amazing mom. She does all the yummy baking from breakfast scones to sandwich rolls. She is somewhat of an efficiency expert and some how makes time to decorate with great skill all the Gristmill's cakes and wedding cakes. She takes great pride in her work, but humbly refers to herself as "just the baker". Hah! We know otherwise.

Ceylon, the organizer

Ceylon and Hunter

Ceylon (the little sister) knows how to multi-task and boy do we need a good multi-tasker at our busy establishment. She can take your order, make coffee, fill the drink case and answer the phone and it seems like she does it all at the same time. Thank goodness for cordless phones! She really is a wonder woman, but make sure you are ready to order when you get to the front of the line or she might multi-task you right to the back again.

Kayla, the grown-up


Kayla grew up at our bakery. She was just a baby when Kim (her mom), Aunty Ceylon and Grandma Mikki took the leap and bought their own business. Little Kayla was packed around in a backpack in the early days, and then liked to help out as a kid. Luckily for her there were child labour laws that kept us from making her work all the time. She got to go to school and play soccer. Now she is graduated from high school and well, all grown up. None of us can believe it, she is off on her own and preparing for college! We and many customers miss her big smile!

Hunter, the entertainment

Hunter in goggles

Like his cousin, Kayla, Hunter has grown-up at the bakery. He was sporting an apron and writing up orders before he actually knew how to write. Now-a-days we let Hunter go to school. Sometimes he can be heard playing his harmonica, but often he is doing his homework and when that is all done he enjoys playing video games and watching movies. You might see him in the corner afterschool and on weekends doing that computer thing!

Taliesin (Tali), the webmaster

Tali (Summer 2005) near Cuckolds Cove, St. John's, Newfoundland, Canada

Taliesin (the middle sister) used to decorate the cakes, and now she decorates the web site from time to time. The virtual commute from faraway St. John's, Newfoundland is much more practical. Taliesin enjoys hiking, nature photography and web development. When she moved out to St. John's in 2005 she went back to school and completed a post-bac diploma in Information and Communications Technology at Memorial University in 2006 - whoaa! That was a long time ago. In 2016, she earned herself a masters degree in Inclusive Design, and hopefully will have time to update these bios, sometime soon.

Dusty, the artist

Dusty working on the Gristmill mural

If you are wondering who carved and painted our beautiful mural based on the famous Glade Creek Mill, in West Virginia, well, that was our Dad, Dustin Gaer Smith. With a unique bas-relief technique, and warm fall colors our Gristmill mural is a stunning and original rendition of the classic Glade Creek Mill. It brings a fresh ambiance to your eating experience. If you haven't done so already, come in and treat yourself to a tasty pastry or a great lunch and enjoy the mural at the same time. You can visit Dustin Design Stuido on facebook to see more of Dustin's art. His only affiliation with the Gristmill is the mural! His talents are in art, not in baking.